Honda NSX vs Nissan GT-R NISMO review with 0-60mph, 1/4-mile + brake test!


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    So which are you choosing? VOTE BELOW!

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    @Dureren ašš



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    @carwow 8 mi Q

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    NISSAN GTR!!! 100%

  • Patrick Austin
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    So...what was the reason for the NSX cutting power during the 1/4 mile?

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  • George Kumpis
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    I choose the NSX all day. The NSX engine is not hand built in Japan. Its build in Marysville Ohio USofA :(

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  • Luke
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    It's funny to call this analog vs digital. When the R35 GT-R released, people said it had so many computers and driver aid that it felt like the car was doing all the work.

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    Right side driving, it’s Weird every time no matter how much watching it 😷

  • Nico van der Wilt
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    I totally have the same verdict. I mean driving the nsx is more chillax and makes the driving more safe. But i wanna have the scary and at the same time exciting ride in the nismo. It makes you feal alive. So let's do them both😂🤣.

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    Nissan GTR Nismo: claimed 2.5s 0-100kmh/h actually does it in 3 or more seconds. Porsche Turbo S: claimed 2.7s but does it in 2.3s. And the Porsche is actually cheaper and more reliable. Just lol

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    there is areason its called a Godzilla

  • Andre S.

    Andre S.

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    The real Godzilla is the R32 not the R34 or R35

  • GT TSI
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    back in days it was nsx, rx7, gtr, supra. now it is these two.

  • Bella James
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    Those handles are ridiculous what about my acrylic nails??

  • Vlad
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    Nsx looked outdated since start to sale. I like honda, but it disappointed me. Also, i think you should to compare CHEAPEST GTR to competitors. Nismo is a very special vehicle

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    The GTR is an impressive performer but the packaging is already obsolete

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    NSX all day for me. GT-R looks dated and the interior is like a 1980s Sentra.

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    It's the Honda for me

  • Alexander Sinco
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    I was hopping that Mat would mentioned Nürburgring when on camera with the GT-R.

  • Strode 66
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    Wouldn’t the Model 3 be a winner with the NSX STYLE BODY. To me the m3 is a super car designed to look like mum shopping trolley. Why not look the way it moves 🤔

  • Dickson Kant
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    Nissan GTR 😂 Angry Fish 😂🤣😂😅

  • James Caban
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    I'll take the car that only has one battery to replace and a hand built engine, and reset the standard for every other car in 2009

  • Stev A
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    The GTR is just UGLY compared to the NSX. The NSX looks so much more refined, sleeker and much sportier. The Nissan looks tall and bulky, where the NSX is lower and sleek. No comparison at all...

  • Andre S.

    Andre S.

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    It's already a Dinosaur compared to other supercars this days

  • phreakii
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    Why do you add a K to every word ending with a G? Amazing’k, Everything’k, Nothing’k! Most irritating pronunciation ever.

  • Rakhsi Prayogo
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    But yes the Nissan GTR Nismo is faster than the Honda NSX

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    8-0 never seen a professional car review guy sit on the hood of the car he is reviewing. ugh.

  • Miro
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    That buy my car thing is offering 50% of what my car is valued for! Jockers

  • Carl Haworth
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    More digital versus… digitaler

  • Jamaican Me Crazy
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    That first joke 👀🤣

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    Tesla S Plaid

  • Von Kliftershneefin
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    Very good at your job bruh. Make Top Gear look boring. Good job!

  • Iuni Uzumaki
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  • Pawn Mobile Gamer
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    Only 3 fingers. I'm disappointed 😅

  • Josh.
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    wheres the carbon fibre stick of truth rimac gave you?

  • GrotrianSeiler
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    Really glad you decided to do this one. I love this comparo.

  • Jonas jonas
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    i'd like to have what the camera man's riding..😂😂

  • hulmsy
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    Imagine letting someone borrow your car then they lean on the spoiler with full weight and then sit on the bonnet... Wtf

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
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    *If the GTR is Godzilla, then the NSX is Mothra.*

  • Andre S.

    Andre S.

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    I'll go for Ghidorah on NSX

  • gumonmyshu
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    I had to watch this with captions on. The English is very Englishy, otherwise it is a very good video. From the USA.

  • Langolier
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    Yet, another example from Europeans to belittle the Japanese engineering. You compare the only successful Hybrid super car that is as reliable s non hybrid cars, and still more reliable than European junk super cars, with a performance car that is improved through the years to compete with super cars. Congratulations you proved your double standard again.

  • Jeepラジコン動画
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    Hello Nice to meet you For NSX, press the button on the front and the doorknob will come out.

  • VHS
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    3 года назад nsx у тебя была быстрее nissan! Что случилось, nissan болше заплатил?

  • mirek z
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    Gtr isn't godzilla its not even a skyline smh

  • Andre S.

    Andre S.

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    R32 is the og Godzilla

  • Boost Kash
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    As a mechanic I absolutely disliked ALL Nissans.

  • Sreekanth Tc
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  • demi god cars
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    Should do a comparison between a GTR premium(non nismo) vs the NSX I think it would be a lot more equal then, price and power

  • Mr_ Zeus
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    GTR wins in way more categories by far

  • ProdiJay
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    GTR undercover super car

  • Kayzatlas13
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    I really love and miss the stick lever hand brake like the one on the GT-R. The modern button and flick switch parking brakes just don't cut it for me.

  • East _YaBeezy408

    East _YaBeezy408

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    I hear you fam 😂 electronic parking brake switch is hella weak but most the new cars have them now

  • harith najmi
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    gotta love classic british commentary

  • Musa Sikakane
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    The animation for the HP and Nm for the Honda Nsx that was so refreshing.

  • NoNegotiations
    NoNegotiations4 დღის წინ

    NSX Who?

  • Ajunta
    Ajunta4 დღის წინ

    I could tell Matt loves the GT-R immediately, a bit of bias there, but there's nothing wrong with that. Both are epic and I'd love to drive either. The NSX looks epic and is definitely a better road car. The GT-R would probably be better suited to the track.

  • Shaun Hurst
    Shaun Hurst4 დღის წინ

    For the longest time the "Godzilla" name held firm for the GT-R especially in the Super GT racing series in Japan. But since the Honda NSX and Toyota Supra debuted, the GT-R has been removed from podiums in the GT500 category although Nissan is still competitive in the GT300 events. Japanese teams have been clamoring for Nissan to develop a new platform that will once again compete with Honda and Toyota. The Nissan 400ZX might be the answer.

  • OD 40K
    OD 40K4 დღის წინ

    Great video. Felt like you were being very honest with your experiences with both cars and the reasons why you’d buy one or the other. Keep up the videos

  • OD 40K
    OD 40K4 დღის წინ

    It’s pretty simple. One is known as Godzilla. The other is known as....nothing, actually. Enough said.

  • Fckk Offf
    Fckk Offf4 დღის წინ

    Don't let carwow borrow your car😂

  • Sharty Waffles
    Sharty Waffles4 დღის წინ

    Alright the GTR is Nismo, it’s not standard so all those carbon parts are not standard.

  • aghostwiener
    aghostwiener4 დღის წინ

    holy shit that was a great intro

  • ThinkscapeVideo
    ThinkscapeVideo4 დღის წინ

    It doesn’t matter, because it’s 2021 and Tesla is a thing 🤷‍♂️

  • Jacob Hurst
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  • Dylan Bartlett
    Dylan Bartlett5 დღის წინ

    I want the seats out of the NSX for my car. Anybody know of similar ones for sale?

  • Dylan Bartlett
    Dylan Bartlett5 დღის წინ

    Great video

  • Daksh Pagar
    Daksh Pagar5 დღის წინ

    How come nissan tells 2.5 and mat does it in 3 seconds for 0 to 60

  • Jason Nicholas
    Jason Nicholas5 დღის წინ

    The thing I don't like about the NSX is it looks like every other Honda.

  • Przemo A.
    Przemo A.5 დღის წინ

    NSX 😍

  • Vincent Marchese
    Vincent Marchese5 დღის წინ

    3 fingers vs a fist dating a only fans girl vs a P0*n st@r

  • Brendan Fitness and Money
    Brendan Fitness and Money5 დღის წინ

    In person, the NSX is really striking

  • YouCxntWhoop Me
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    it went out for a second cus v-tec kicked in that’s why it got louder and faster

  • Desmond McCarthy
    Desmond McCarthy5 დღის წინ

    Side profile GTR looks like a truck compared to little old NSX

  • Chris O'Grady
    Chris O'Grady5 დღის წინ

    I like sitting as low as possible, so that thumbnail answers my question

  • Hashira Karunanayake
    Hashira Karunanayake5 დღის წინ

    We need Skyline

  • Floki
    Floki5 დღის წინ

    GT-R made you more enthusiastic today 👻. Good stuff

  • Fraser Fraser
    Fraser Fraser5 დღის წინ

    You should try one of those cars against a Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 2020

  • Ares Briones
    Ares Briones5 დღის წინ

    I understand your accent because you're British! But the thing your trying to joke with your accent ! It sounds ugly i heated just focused the car and review stop joke and make funny ! Because it's won't working! Seriously.

  • ramjam18
    ramjam185 დღის წინ

    What was wrong with the NSX there?

  • Suheil Kaspar
    Suheil Kaspar5 დღის წინ

    For the same reasons you mentioned, my pic is the GTR all the way !!

  • manworks performance
    manworks performance5 დღის წინ

    No roll race. I bet the nsx has a good chance of winning a 30 roll or 70 roll

  • Larry Wexner
    Larry Wexner5 დღის წინ

    gtr sans nismo is a lot cheaper.

  • Waseem Ahmed
    Waseem Ahmed5 დღის წინ

    I'd choose the NSX every time

  • Ahmad Ilmam
    Ahmad Ilmam5 დღის წინ

    Godzilla vs Kong

  • Raccoon x
    Raccoon x5 დღის წინ

    Japanese more upgred more price more expensive🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  • Rossalia
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  • Rhashan Bonds
    Rhashan Bonds5 დღის წინ

    Matt really fisting the GT-R!!! 🤣🤣

  • Dolby109
    Dolby1095 დღის წინ

    Imagine calling that rolling video game of a car "analog". The GTR is very far from analog. It's auto only, highly computerized AWD system, very interfering stability control. The NSX may be worse, but the GTR is so digital I wouldn't even consider it if I had the money.

  • SoulLessSenapi95
    SoulLessSenapi956 დღის წინ

    The GTR is just a Unique Car and it looks amazing

  • Monty 392
    Monty 3926 დღის წინ

    Gtrs are considered old school now?

  • 999 Metro
    999 Metro6 დღის წინ

    the nsx can do a 10.8 quater mile time

  • ibrahim
    ibrahim6 დღის წინ

    a45s amg vs slr matt

  • Rick Brcka
    Rick Brcka6 დღის წინ

    The moment you just realized you referred to fisting. 👊

  • Colin Hughes
    Colin Hughes6 დღის წინ

    Please stop fingering cars. :'-D

  • Mr. Llama
    Mr. Llama6 დღის წინ

    It's nice to know that Honda can still make an engine rev nicely even if it's turbocharged and doesn't have VTEC on the intake. Although 7,500 rpm is a little low in a Honda for my taste...

  • Amir Reza
    Amir Reza6 დღის წინ

    I choose GT-R absooooolutely

  • FiRe FLAME
    FiRe FLAME6 დღის წინ

    I choose audi

  • Daily Life Solutions
    Daily Life Solutions6 დღის წინ

    Why Honda has to make it hybrid?

  • Bartek Staw
    Bartek Staw6 დღის წინ

    I would prefer M5 CS or 911 Turbo S or AMG 63S.

  • Syah Rixky
    Syah Rixky6 დღის წინ

    good matt pls do more godzilla comparison cuz as you guys say its old car but much car manufac still push hard to keeep their track on GTR

  • Dark Helmet
    Dark Helmet6 დღის წინ

    Wtf is with so many new NSX's being in that awful orange?!!!

  • Uncle Bob
    Uncle Bob6 დღის წინ

    By the end of this video them JDM bois will be out of lotion

  • GoldRush
    GoldRush6 დღის წინ

    He says both engines are handbuilt in Japan, but isn't the NSX built entirely in Ohio?