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Audi RS6 v BMW M550i: DRAG RACE

Audi RS6 v BMW M550i: DRAG RACE

Volvo vs Scania: Truck DRAG RACE

Volvo vs Scania: Truck DRAG RACE

Audi RS6 v Tesla Model X: DRAG RACE

Audi RS6 v Tesla Model X: DRAG RACE


  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique5 საათის წინ

    toyota is kinda 🔥🔥🔥 now

  • NeLaurynas
    NeLaurynas5 საათის წინ

    It will cost too much, just like GR Yaris. 260 japanese bhp is not much, when for the same price you can buy Cupra Leon, which has 300 german bhp (so about 340 japanese).

  • Mark Key
    Mark Key5 საათის წინ

    The LFA exhaust note is pure sex on wheels. It's the only car I'd ever consider spending that kind of money on. I would think being a Lexus it would be more reliable than other exotics as well.

  • Street Barber
    Street Barber5 საათის წინ

    You have beautiful mum, she definitely proud of you man!

  • D Momcilovic
    D Momcilovic5 საათის წინ

    Giant London Taxi

  • Joe Lipez
    Joe Lipez5 საათის წინ

    The r8 better be the v10

    E NONEK5 საათის წინ

    I wish the Corolla had more power!!!

  • ulverop
    ulverop5 საათის წინ

    An on road/off road comparison test of the Lada Niva and the Suzuki Jimny would be awesome! ...and a drag race between them of course!

  • Джахонгир Саломов
    Джахонгир Саломов5 საათის წინ

    Audi RS 6💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙👍👍👍👍✊✊✊

  • Varinder Sidhu
    Varinder Sidhu5 საათის წინ

    04:03 "Ass Sex"

  • idemchuk0506
    idemchuk05065 საათის წინ

    I would pick the Tesla.

  • V F
    V F5 საათის წინ

    they are non-professional drivers: the test is useless. A shame for mistreating those two poor trucks

  • Vihanga Hettiarachchi
    Vihanga Hettiarachchi5 საათის წინ

    So, basically what we get for 50000 pounds is a BMW supra. woooooow.

  • Irfan Zulkarnain Bin Ibrahim
    Irfan Zulkarnain Bin Ibrahim5 საათის წინ

    I love this content! Keep it up carwow!

  • 송가은
    송가은5 საათის წინ

    The misty creator topologically bow because area feraly wriggle at a ossified attempt. organic, violent test

  • Daniel Osdinia
    Daniel Osdinia5 საათის წინ

    I’m a fan of these big displays on dashboards added to so many disturbing, useless, expensive technologies! A car is a driving machine, not a high tech exhibition!

  • Bike Lover
    Bike Lover5 საათის წინ

    Is it me or are the carwow videos are getting shitter and shitter! 2 cars that are nothing alike!

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben5 საათის წინ

    Tesla all models drag racing pliz

  • Mark Dillon
    Mark Dillon5 საათის წინ

    "Tippy Tappy" love this vid 🤣

  • Simon Beck
    Simon Beck5 საათის წინ

    why not the akrapovic one

  • Shafiq Ullah
    Shafiq Ullah5 საათის წინ

    I can’t stop laughing 😂 you are very funny

  • Thilan Madushanka☑️
    Thilan Madushanka☑️5 საათის წინ

    Please show meter boards in the race

  • rong Yao
    rong Yao5 საათის წინ

    You may as well take an R8 oh that

  • Arif Hamidi
    Arif Hamidi5 საათის წინ

    *Toyota GR-2*

  • Mtl Mkshp
    Mtl Mkshp5 საათის წინ

    But wich one she got????😳😑😐🤔🤔🧐

  • Tinyiko Musisinyane
    Tinyiko Musisinyane5 საათის წინ

    AMG GT Its amazing but i am an Audi fan i go with AUDI RS7

  • DaCloiDatLovesPeanuts
    DaCloiDatLovesPeanuts5 საათის წინ

    0:49 “tHe PoShEsT bMw IvE bEeN iN!!” *Lol*

  • Explorer
    Explorer5 საათის წინ

    Sport z #beast👿👿👿🤞

  • Teethclenser2007
    Teethclenser20075 საათის წინ

    Soft limiters SUCK !!!

  • Niall Doyle
    Niall Doyle5 საათის წინ

    You should try getbhold of an alpine and test it against it m version

  • Ryan Wiggins
    Ryan Wiggins5 საათის წინ

    I30N is a Beast 🔥

  • Gonzalo Ruiz
    Gonzalo Ruiz5 საათის წინ

    I love you Toyota.

  • patricksebane mbesso
    patricksebane mbesso5 საათის წინ

    China 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 the fake cars

  • Polico Paul
    Polico Paul5 საათის წინ

    I will like to see some normal cars drag. No turbo just some cheap normal cars

  • G Rolfe
    G Rolfe5 საათის წინ

    Nearly did not watch it as it has "mom" in the title. English is Mum, or northern and some parts "Mam".

  • Maverick 41
    Maverick 415 საათის წინ

    So…..pie in the sky then, and if the Yaris is 34k how much is a Corolla going to be? 🤣 nobody will buy it

  • Gaming Corral
    Gaming Corral5 საათის წინ

    Hyundai Elantra N please🙏

  • rong Yao
    rong Yao5 საათის წინ

    And you can’t be on able to remove the Parcel shelf unless you’re a total moron

  • pharmkid02
    pharmkid025 საათის წინ

    What’s the price of that Porsche?

  • charlie arnold
    charlie arnold5 საათის წინ

    Brilliant vlog, I thought your mum chose well. Its a nice looking car and very popular. I look forward to seeing your mum collecting her car and having the charger fitted at home.

  • Mgough1200
    Mgough12005 საათის წინ

    Would've loved to see a modified i30N compared to these lot

  • Mankopane Briton Dikgale
    Mankopane Briton Dikgale5 საათის წინ

    At 8:26 Matt kills me

  • AS TK
    AS TK5 საათის წინ

    okay audi you're getting paid✊

  • 우르스
    우르스5 საათის წინ

    Please Review genesis G70,G80,GV80

  • Trades46
    Trades465 საათის წინ

    Audi once again being incredibly conservative about the hp on the S model.

  • percy budise
    percy budise5 საათის წინ

    When will you drag any vehicle with a 2jz engine??

  • Saifuzzaman Sabbir
    Saifuzzaman Sabbir5 საათის წინ

    Jimny little beast ❤

  • Trades46
    Trades465 საათის წინ

    There's no way the 8Y with 130kg more weight will keep up with the identical power numbers on the 8V like that constantly. Sounds like Audi continues their trend of just lying though their teeth about the hp on their S models.

  • Musfiqplayz YT
    Musfiqplayz YT5 საათის წინ


  • Always Late
    Always Late5 საათის წინ

    Could have cleaned it! 😆

  • Musfiqplayz YT
    Musfiqplayz YT5 საათის წინ

    Please do Toyota verso

  • paul cooper
    paul cooper5 საათის წინ

    The GR yaris cannot be used for WRC as the new regs state that cars will have to be hybrid so possible that the new Corolla will be a hybrid designed for WRC regs.

  • Anvilarm07
    Anvilarm075 საათის წინ

    Good pick Mum. I look forward to the follow up vid.

  • Clive Rippin
    Clive Rippin5 საათის წინ

    Good choice mum, get your wallet out Mat.

  • Anvilarm07
    Anvilarm075 საათის წინ

    Good pick Mum.

  • TCM_Tatra
    TCM_Tatra5 საათის წინ

    0:43 What if I think at a Hilux? 🤣 I've fallen in love with that car (and Toyota brand) after what your colleagues did with it, Toybota , Arctic circle.

  • Corvin Predoiu
    Corvin Predoiu5 საათის წინ

    what about Toyota Sequoia?

  • viko setiawan
    viko setiawan5 საათის წინ

    Fake ,GTR is winner 💪

  • pharkasj
    pharkasj5 საათის წინ

    PorschE ≠ Porsch.

  • Ramaano Muravha
    Ramaano Muravha5 საათის წინ

    All thanks to Akio Toyota

  • Pilot Ngake
    Pilot Ngake5 საათის წინ

    This video is clickbait in its purest form.

  • BrigyDmD
    BrigyDmD5 საათის წინ

    I was hoping for a bigger version of the GR Yaris! It needs to be 4wd and have a bigger displacement engine as the "hot hatch" has evolved imo.

  • tomaž Ocepek
    tomaž Ocepek5 საათის წინ

    Just a question I know it’s unrelated to theme of the video but it’s the latest one so I am guessing that I have the best chance that Mat or someone from the producers will notice the question and possibly answer it but I am just wandering when is Mat Watson going to relieve the updated Dacia Duster ? I know it’s not the most interesting car in the world but still . Also the video is great as always so keep up the good work and thank you in advance for your answer 😉

  • prz98
    prz985 საათის წინ

    I love how he pronounced frunk like a “fruit”

  • Axel Souvik
    Axel Souvik5 საათის წინ

    Absolutely worth it cad.

  • Cedrik
    Cedrik5 საათის წინ

    Model A

  • marios .constantinides
    marios .constantinides5 საათის წინ

    Can i puke now?

  • Traveller
    Traveller5 საათის წინ

    It's amazing and I love G wagons. But the price is ridiculous

  • neckie mangio
    neckie mangio5 საათის წინ

    I like the eg6

  • Kazim Ayub
    Kazim Ayub5 საათის წინ

    This car is a mystery! Has carwow logo on the pictures! Comom mate let it all out!

  • Andreas B.
    Andreas B.5 საათის წინ

    You look so serious with that glasses.

  • Mr Puckles
    Mr Puckles6 საათის წინ

    If they do make a performance Corolla we can only hope they do a tofu delivery special edition

  • Grey man
    Grey man6 საათის წინ

    A reliable, well-built hypercar. Amazing.

  • Alex B
    Alex B6 საათის წინ

    The exhaust on my HHR SS puts these ricers to shame #maga#banimports#🇱🇷

  • Lot 76 CARS
    Lot 76 CARS6 საათის წინ

    For a more sedate day to day E46 Compact

  • Lenny Huybrechts
    Lenny Huybrechts6 საათის წინ

    595 abarth review plsss

  • Tanmay mishra
    Tanmay mishra6 საათის წინ

    GR land cruiser 🤤

  • Chris Njugi
    Chris Njugi6 საათის წინ

    12:27 "..and it says VW on !!" It's a VW Beetle.

  • TheGravyOne
    TheGravyOne6 საათის წინ

    I usually love Carwow content but I really don't like these speculative videos with rendered images of what cars might look like and guessing specs. They feel like click bait!